Wood-Aluminium Windows Where modern and traditional designs meet

Wood-aluminium woodwork harmoniously unifies all the advantages of timber with a perfect protection against damaging weather conditions. Aluminium seal of the exterior elements, with an option to apply additional layer of lacquer available in all RAL chart colours, gives the woodwork a modern look. Combining timber an aluminium allows for creation of wooden elements in all possible shapes.


Windows Wood-Aluminium - sample cross-sections

A -IV 88, Alu Gemini Quadrat, joint U=0,5

B -IV 88, Alu Linear, joint U=0,5

C -IV 68, Alu Integral, joint U=0,5

D -IV 68, Alu Quadrat FB,  joint U=0,5

E  -IV 68, Alu Classic Super Thermo, joint U=0,5


Sample Solutions


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